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Booking and Site Navigation Questions:

Q. Will I get confirmation of my enrollment in a class?

A. Yes, you will receive a receipt for the purchase and you will receive an email confirmation of the class you enrolled in.  That email will provide ou the course name, date, time and location of the class.

Q. Can I transfer my online registration to another student?

A. No, registrations for online programs are nontransferable.


Q. Can I transfer my online registration to another class?

A. No, once enrolled, you are enrolled for that program.


Q. Can I get a refund for an online class?

A. No, once you have paid for a program, no refunds, credits or transfers are available for any reason.


Q. Can I withdraw from an in-person class?

A. Yes, you can cancel your registration up to 7 days before the class though the website.

Online Courses Questions:

Q. Will you be adding anymore classes to the online class page?

A. Yes, as we continue to build out the new site, we are adding classes as quickly as we can.  The goal is to have at least 20 hours of CEUs available by 1st of February.  Once that happens we will continue to add more classes, but at a slower pace.

Q. How many CEU classes/hours will be available through the online page?

A. At this point, we haven't set a maximum number, but our goal was to have a minimum of 10 hours up by the 15th of January.


Q. If I sign up for an online class, how long do I have to complete the class?

A. Access to the class is only good for as long as the subscription you purchased is valid for.  After that and regardless if you took the class, you will no longer have access unless you purchase again.

Q. What is the difference between a subscription and a online bundle?

A. Subscriptions for a class is bought one class at a time.  Standard duration for a subscription is 2 months, but could be longer and is disclosed in the course information.   Online Bundles are access to the entire suit of online CEUs for an entire month.  You can take as many or as few of the classes during that time that you want.

Q. Can I take an online class more than once?

A. Yes, but you can only receive credit hours for any one program in one calendar year.

Q. Is there a test at the end of an online class?

A. Yes, the number of questions vary per class.

Q. Can I view/watch the presentation more than once?

A. Yes, you can watch or take an online class as many times as you want as long as your subscription for it is current.

Q. Can I watch a presentation and take the test at the same time?

A. No, you cannot see the test until you complete the presentation, and once you access the test, you cannot access the presentation again

Q. What happens if I fail the test at the end?

A. You may repeat the class once at no charge and take the test again.

Q. How many chances do I get to take the test?

A. As many as you need

Q. Can I jump right to the test?

A. No, you must see each presentation prior to taking the test.

Q. Once I start an Exam, can I stop and restart where I left off?

A. No, once you begin an exam, you must complete it. if you stop and close the window or log out, you will need to restart the exam.

Q. Do I get documentation of course completion?

A. Yes, once completed, you will receive an email with your course completion certificate.

Q. My certificate is missing, where is it?

A. Once completed, you will receive an email with your certificate, if you do not receive the email, check your spam folder and make sure your email is correct in your account. Then contact us and ask it to be resent.  Resending the certificate can take some time.

Q. If I take the class late in March (including March 31st) will I still get credit for the current year?

A. Yes, as long as you pass the exam by midnight.  The certificates are dated based on when you complete the quiz successfully.  

Q. I found a conflict in some online material from standards that I already know, what should I do?

A. From time to time information changes, we try to make sure the material online is the most up to date as it can be.  Also, the material is Massachusetts based and may conflict with other State treatment protocols.  Email with the course name and the exact nature of the issue, and it will be reviewed. 


Q. I don't agree with a test question or the material that was presented, do I have any recourse?

A. Please contact us and tell us about the nature of the disagreement, we will review the material and if we find a change is needed, we will make that changes.


Q. I noticed that some of the presentation slides seem damaged should I report it?

A. Yes, please contact us via email and provide the class name and what the problem is so we can look into it.

Q. I have found a problem with an online test, what should I do?

A. Please contact us via email and provide the class name and what the problem is so we can look into it.

Recertification Requirements Questions:


Q. I am not Nationally Registered, do I still report hours to NREMT or is it reported to Massachussets?

A. Yes, You must report all your hours to NREMT through website.  Massachussets uses NREMT as the recertification vehicle.

Q. Do I have to pay NREMT and Massachusetts for recertification?

A. Yes, both are done separately.  NREMT is paid a fee for renewal of their certification, or if state certified only, they get a fee for processing your hours.  You will also have to go the the Massachussets eLicensing site and pay Massachusetts separately.  If you fail to pay both, you will lapse and will need to go through the reinstatement process.

Q. Will IEME submit my hours to NREMT for me?

A. No

Q. Will online CEUs count for the National Registry and Massachussets?

A. Yes,

Q. Are Online classes the same as Distributive Education?

A. Yes, there are other forms of distributive education, online, that do not have a live instructor are considered distributive education

Q. What is the difference between a live instructor holding the the class online via Zoom or Google meet and narrated or student reading the slides only?

A. Whenever the class is provided by a "live" instructor, it is considered to be the same as an "in person" delivery.  On line classes that students must read the presentation slides themselves or are only narrated are considered distributive education deliveries

Other Questions:


Q. I am not registered in Massachusetts, can I take an online CEU class?

A. Yes, CEU programs are open to all EMTS, but you must check with your State if they will take a Massachussets Course Registration number.


Q. Are there a maximum number of hours I can get online for CEUs?

A. At this time, no limit in Massachusetts has been set, but it is your responsibility to verify this. IEME does not know about other Sate Requirements in this area.

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