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The Institute for Emergency Medical Education (IEME) was founded in January of 1990.  Our philosophy has not changed since our inception, which is that EMS education needs to enhance and challenge the EMS professional to become the best provider possible in a mutual respectful environment.


In 1994, IEME relocated from the Town of Abington to the Town of Bourne but had also grown considerably and was conducting multiple types from laypersons to ALS refresher training and by years end, was working as subcontractor for another EMS training institution conducting Basic EMT and EMT-Intermediate Training programs.


In 1997, IEME stopped providing initial EMS education as a subcontractor and began teaching their own EMT and EMT-Intermediate programs

In 1998, with the Internet now becoming a integral part of society, we launched our first web site, At the same time, IEME was now conducting EMT programs at three locations.

In 2002, IEME forged a new relationship with the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth to provide EMS education. The company also again entered into a new age of education by commissioning the web designer to develop the “EMS Academy On-line” where students are now able to take CEU Programs on-line, thus beginning the age of distance learning for IEME.


In 2004, IEME continued to expand its operations adding several new sites and forging a relationship with Massasoit Community College.


2005 brought many changes for IEME. IEME became one of the first OEMS Accredited Training Institutions. We saw the beginning the long anticipated Paramedic Program as a partnership at UMASS-Dartmouth and opening a new industrial division, I.E.M.E. NorthEast. A major website redesign was begun, and IEME Northeast website was launched,


In 2006 to meet the changes in the company needs, IEME changed its company structure and Incorporated under I.E.M.E. International, Inc. The EMS division (Institute for Emergency Medical Education) and industrial divisions (I.E.M.E. NorthEast) will remain in operation under their respective names, but as divisions of I.E.M.E. International, Inc. Also in 2006 with two of our instructors on deployment, IEME began running courses in Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

In 2008, IEME opened a building in Canton and was now offering EMT programs at five sites regularly, and Paramedic Programs at three of those sites.

In 2014, with market saturation of Paramedic programs and now national accreditation entering into Massachusetts, IEME decided to close it's facility in Canton.  At the same time, we had become a victim of our own success and Massasoit Community College decided to take EMS in house under the Fire Science Program.  Lastly, with restructuring at UMASS-Dartmouth, DCE, the University decided to discontinue EMS programs.

With COVID hitting us in early 2020, IEME began shifting into more of the live distance learning via ZOOM and offering hybrid programs.


As IEME continues to move forward, we will continue to stay true to the ideals that originally founded this company which are reflected in the mission statement and goals.

Teacher Writing a Formula on a Blackboar
It is our goal to prepare our students and employees to successfully meet the challenges faced by the challenges of industrial and prehospital providers in this ever-changing world, and to provide a safe environment to conduct field operations. The IEME staff is committed to upholding this mission and in providing Quality and Affordable Education to Public Safety Professionals and private industry by Public Safety Professionals. We work towards maintaining a respectful environment that supports and challenges all individuals and to develop our future leadership.
Emergency Vehicles
Platform Statement
Our medical programs are designed with both the physical and cognitive development of students in mind.  It focuses on the development of the students understanding of the body, disease processes, patient assessment and medical procedures.   The IEME instructional staff are sensitive to national events and remain vigilant so as to provide a safe and secure work and learning environment. During the didactic, labs and clinical programs, students will develop creative thinking, problem solving, professional ethics and critical thinking.

Our industrial and operations focus on the safe operations of our clients, employees and subcontractors in completing their job, and places safety as the number one priority.  IEME employees are sensitive to the needs of the client, but will not sacrifice safety for profit.  Our employees are encourage to think at new ways to improve safety as well as new ways at getting the job done.
Our Goals

IEME will continue to maintain a high quality affordable education for our students.  Our staff of Professional EMS Educators and Providers offers challenging, intellectually stimulating and cutting edge programs.

IEME provides an environment for new students to nurture in a collaborative atmosphere that develops skills and critical thinking ability that builds a sound EMS Professional for the future

The courses IEME provides to Health Care Provider will improve and enhance the quality of the patient care they deliver 

IEME fosters an environment in which the practical experiences of the professional, whether it be a student or instructor, is drawn upon to enhance the learning experience that ultimately improves the quality of patient care.

IEME will provide to private industry and municipal departments consultants with expertise in technical rescue, OSHA standards and safety.

IEME will maintain and make available a team of highly trained personnel in a variety of Technical Rescue disciplines to provide either stand by services or to train agencies personnel to provide those services.

IEME will provide medical support services to clients in need of that resource.

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