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Q. Can I take a class more than once?
A. Yes, but you can only receive credit hours for any one program in one calendar year.

Q. Is there a test at the end of a class?
A. Yes, for a CEU class, it is usually 10 questions for every 1-hour of class, and for a refresher it is usually 50 questions.

Q. What happens if I fail the test at the end?
A. You may repeat the class once at no charge and take the test again.

Q. How many chances do I get to take the test?
A. You get a total of two chances for any one exam.

Q. What happens if I fail the test a second time?
A. You must pay to take the class again to get two more shots at the test.

Q. Can I jump right to the test?
A. No, you must see each presentation prior to taking the test.

Q. How many times can I see a presentation?
A. You can view any presentation up to 3 times before taking the test. Once you start the test, you may not view the presentation again, unless you fail the test. In that case, you get to view the presentations up to 3 times again.

Q. How many slides is a presentation?
A. The number of slides varies depending on the specific class.

Q. Can I what a presentation and take the test at the same time?
A. No, you cannot see the test until you complete the presentation, and once you access the test, you cannot access the presentation again.

Q. If I take my refresher On Line, do I have to take a lab somewhere too?
A. Yes, you must schedule a lab after you pass the refresher. The refresher is not complete without passing a lab.

Q. Once I have my course completion certificate, am I done?
A. Yes and No. If the class was a CEU program, then yes. If the class was a refresher, then no, you must also take a lab session.

Q. I forgot to take my lab and the year has ended, Is my refresher still good?
A. No, labs must be completed with in the same calendar year as the online refresher program. OEMS will not accept an online refresher without a lab session. With out the lab, you were incomplete.

Q. When is a lab session for a refresher scheduled?
A. It depends on many things, but you will have a list of available labs to select from.

Q. Will online CEUs count for the National Registry?
A. Yes

Q. I am a Massachusetts EMT, do I need to submit my certificate to OEMS to get credits?
A. No, IEME submits the online course completion to OEMS electronically.

Q. If IEME submits the completion to Mass OEMS, then why do I need the certificate?
A. The certificate is a check in the check and balance system. It shows proof of completion in case something happens to the database. If you don’t get OEMS credit, you can submit a copy of the certificate to OEMS along with a discrepancy report form.

Q. I am not registered in Massachusetts, can I take an online CEU class?
A. Yes, CEU programs are open to all EMTS

Q. I am not registered in Massachusetts, can I take an online refresher class?
A. Maybe, you must check with your state agency first, but since a lab is usually required, getting that lab may be difficult, unless of course you are coming to IEME to get the lab.

Q. I am not registered in Massachusetts, does IEME submit the class to my state for credits?
A. No, you must submit the course completion certificate to your own state. However, the Mass OEMS approval number is listed on the certificate and the number of hours Mass approved it for so I should gain approval.

Q. Are there a maximum number of hours I can get online for CEUs?
A. At this time, no limit in Massachusetts has been set, but it is your responsibility to verify this. IEME does not know about other Sate Requirements in this area.

Q. I lost my online certificate, can I get another one?
A. Yes, go to your archive area and download it again.

Q. Can I transfer my online registration to another student?
A. No, registrations for online programs are nontransferable.

Q. Can I transfer my online registration to another class?
A. No, once enrolled, you are enrolled for that program, you can however elect not take the class, but no refund is available.

Q. Can I get a refund for an online class?
A. No, once you have paid for a program, no refunds, credits or transfers are available for any reason.

Q. I made a mistake when I enrolled for an online class, can I get a refund or transfer or credit?
A. No, once you have paid for a program, no refunds, credits or transfers are available for any reason.

Q. Can I sign up now for an online class I will take later in the year?
A. Yes, you may sign up at any time to take a class, but you have one year from the date of sign up to complete it.

Q. If I sign up now for an online class, can I take it later in the year and apply it towards my next certification if I take it after December 31st?
A. It depends on who issued the certification and when you take it. Yes, if you are a Massachusetts EMT, but remember any class taken after December 31st goes to that calendar year that you take it in. No, if you are Nationally Registered. NREMT year ends March 31st not December 31st, so a class taken between January and March would count towards your current certification. If you hold both a Massachusetts EMT and a National, I would apply as outlined previously to both.

Q. I signed up for an online class, but want to take a physical class instead, can I transfer into that class?
A. No, you may take the class separately, but you may not transfer in to a physical class.

Q. If I take the class late in December (including December 31st) will I still get credit for the current year?
A. Yes, as long as you pass the exam by midnight December 31st, you will get credit for the class in the current year.

Q. I am enrolled in an Online Refresher, how do I scheudle the lab?
A. You can not schedule a lab until the refresher is complete. Once done, the class will move to "My Online Course History" from "My Online Courses." Navigate to the course, it will show you passed, click on it. The available lab dates will display in the window and you can sign up by clicking on the word "sign up."

Q. I have completed my online class, is there a certificate and where is it.
A. Once completed, the class moves from "My Online Courses" to "My Online Course History." Navigate to that location and the list of completed classes will be displayed. Locate the class you completed and want to print the certificate and click on it. A window will open displaying the class info and near the bottom of the window you will see text displaying "Course Completion Certificate: Click Here." Click on the words "Click Here," a widow will open with the certificate that you may print.

Q. My course certificate has the wrong year listed on it, why?
A. There are two possibilities, the site holds all your records and if you took the class before, you may have selected the previous class, or you signed up before January 1st of one year and completed it in the next year. The approval # is assigned based on the year you signed up, the date on the certificate is entered when you actually complete the class.

Q. I can't Log in, Why?
A. We see this for a few reasons: 1) if you use AOL, do not use the AOL browser (their version of internet explorer), use either the non-AOL version Explorer browser or another browser. 2) your cookies are not enabled (turn them on in preferences). 3) you did not follow the email link back to the website after you registered (reset your password), if you use MSN or Hot Mail, they both use the same server system and the automatic linked emails get screened out (AOL email works find) 4) the computer you are using is on a network where the firewall is not allowing your cookies to be sent or the admin has cookies off and your local over ride will not work. (this is typical in some State, Federal and Municipal Systems) You will need to have the local System Administrator allow the site or use another system, this may be true even if you are using your own Lap Top on their system.

Q. Will I get confirmation of my enrollment in a class?
A. Yes and no, it depends on the class. Example: if you sign up for a Primary EMT or Paramedic Program, Yes. IF you Sign up for any other program, No. If there is a problem, you will be contacted, but otherwise you are expected to arrive a the designated time and location.

Q. I have found a problem with an online test, what should I do?
A. Please contact us via email or phone and provide us with the course name and the exact nature of the problem so we can look into it for you. If we find that the test question was bad or some other problem exsisted and you failed the program because of it, we will reset your counters for the course so you can have access the material again so you may retake the exam.

Q. I failed my online test by one question and that question you have determined to be bad, will I now get credit?
A. Yes, but in one of two ways. If you have not actually exhausted your attempts at the exam, you may need to retake the exam. if you have exhausted your attempts, the website programs will need to fix it in the database, which may take some time to fix.

Q. I took an exam or program and found some errors in it how do I report them?
A. Please contact us via email or phone and provide us with the course name and the exact nature of the problem so we can look into it for you.

Q. I found a conflict in some online material from standards that I already know, what should I do?
A. From time to time information changes, we try to make sure the material online is the most up to date as it can be. From time to time the material may fall behind or may actually be newer then what you may be thinking of. Also, the material is Massachusetts based too. Just drop us an email with the course name and the exact nature of the discrepency and it will be reviewed. Reviews typically happen with in a week of a notice, but often times much faster then that. We will then reply to your email via phone or email and if needed make any updates to our material.

Q. I don't agree with a test question or the material that was presented, do I have any recourse?
A. Yes and No. You can tell us about the nature of the disagreement, we will reveiw the materail and if we find a change is needed, we will make that change an then correct grades if needed. We only review for accuracy of material and questions, we will not make changes for objection to the format of questions. We of course reserve the right to ammend the form of a question if we believe it is not asking what we want it too.

Q. I noticed that some of the presentation slides seem damaged should I report it?
A. Yes, please do. Drop us an email and if it is a refresher, please tell us which presenation by presentation name so we can look at it. We have noticed that over time, some of the presentations become damaged or when the are converted to flash media from powerpoint give the appearance of the annimation sticking while flying in. Although we review all posted material, it is possible that a few slides slip through. Please also try to note the slide number if possible, but the title is the most important information and what is going wrong.

Q. My refresher certificate is missing, where is it?
A. Refresher certificates only become available when you sign up for your lab. once you sign up for a lab, the certificate should become visible.

Q. Can I just come to the refresher lab and pay then?
A. No, you need to sign up online, if you don't the certificate is not available to you and the system does not report you complete.

Q. What happened to my class, i can't see it anymore?
A. When an online program is sign up for, it appears in the "my online course area." When completed, it moves to the "my online course history" area. These area links appear at the top portion of your welcome back window. Physical classes show up under "My Current Courses" and completed physical courses may show up under "My Course History." We often see the two areas confused with eachother.

Q. Once I start an Exam, can I stop and restart where I left off?
A. No, once you begin an exam, you must complete it. if you stop and close the window or log out, you will need to restart the exam.


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