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Course Date Location Course Title
Any Date OnlineCEU: Altered Mental Status
Any Date OnlineCEU: Bedside Medications: Clues to a PMH
Any Date OnlineCEU: Cardiac Emergencies
Any Date OnlineCEU: Caring for SIDS: Tx the Pt and Family
Any Date OnlineCEU: Chest and Abdominal Injuries
Any Date OnlineCEU:Cold Water Emergencies
Any Date OnlineCEU:Crime Scene Mitigation
Any Date OnlineCEU: Crisis Management
Any Date OnlineCEU:Diabetic Emergencies
Any Date OnlineCEU: Diver Related Emerg. & Decompression Sickness
Any Date OnlineCEU:Basic EKG interpretation
Any Date OnlineCEU:12 lead EKG Interpretation
Any Date OnlineCEU:EMS Special Operations
Any Date OnlineCEU:Environmental Emergencies
Any Date OnlineCEU: Exercised Induced Hyponatremia- the forgotten Heat Emerg
Any Date OnlineCEU:High Velocity Projectiles & Penetrating Trauma
Any Date OnlineCEU:Infection Control and Decontamination
Any Date OnlineCEU:Injuries and Diseases to the CNS
Any Date OnlineCEU:MCI and Patient Triage
Any Date OnlineCEU:Medical Terminology and Documentation
Any Date OnlineCEU:New Car Technologies
Any Date OnlineCEU:Neuro Presentations in the Elderly
Any Date OnlineCEU:OB/GYN Emergencies
Any Date OnlineCEU:Pediatric Emergencies
Any Date OnlineCEU:Pharmacology Review
Any Date OnlineCEU:Respiratory Emergencies
Any Date OnlineCEU: Running Hot: Emergency Vehicle Operations
Any Date OnlineCEU: Safety and Well Being of the EMT
Any Date OnlineCEU: EMS Street Survival
Any Date OnlineCEU: Toxicological Emergencies
Any Date OnlineCEU: Trauma Management
Any Date OnlineCEU: Trauma Management, a comprehensive look
Any Date OnlineCEU: Understanding & Treating CHF, a comprehensive look


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