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Course Date Location Course Title
Oct 30, 2017BourneTEMS-Awareness Level
Nov 5, 2017BourneEMT Continued Competency Program
Nov 7, 2017Cape Cod AmbulanceParamedic NCCR Program with CPR and ACLS Renewal
Nov 7, 2017Cape Cod AmbulanceParamedic NCCR Program with CPR, ACLS & PALS Renewals
Nov 22, 2017Cape Cod AmbulanceCEU: Organ Transplant Patients, Rejection and Differences
Nov 30, 2017Cape Cod AmbulancePediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS)-Refresher
Dec 9, 2017Cape Cod AmbulanceAdvanced Cardiac Life Support Refresher
Jan 16, 2018Upper Cape TechEmergency Medical Technician
Jan 17, 2018Cape Cod AmbulanceEMT Continued Competency Program
Jan 18, 2018Upper Cape TechCPR: BLS for Healthcare Providers
Jan 18, 2018Upper Cape TechE-CPR Lab Session
Mar 27, 2018BourneEMT Continued Competency Program


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